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Male bagworm 1(Become a bagworm series)

2017 / mixer, stone slab, ash. / W100 D100 H40 cm (without smoke)

The traces of the revolution are still in our field of vision. Mankind continues to create hardware and software that mimick the human body and brain and expand its functions. In the present, artificial intelligences that learn and calculate from large amounts of data and information are entering our daily lives. There is still no artificial intelligence that has feelings, both human reason and human instinct; the computer just repeats the input of the problem and the output of the solution, which are processed in human thinking, through its programming.
This series of works shows how machines will take over metabolism and production in the future, in which mankind is extinct. The bag-carrying moth from which it is named is an endangered species of the moth. In its fully grown form, the female sack carrier has no legs, no wings, no eyes and no mouth. She won't leave her straw dwelling for the rest of her life. Their only remaining function is to lay their eggs after being mated by the male.
I cannot imagine the future machines, which have no metabolic function but the capabilities of the human brain, no differently than the sackclothes.

When I presented my last work "Stone’s belly button", I designated a stone as a gene. And this time I designated the ashes of photos, books, newspapers, etc. as a gene. A mixer stands on a stone slab and spits ash on it. This lasts until the ashes are at the end and then new ashes are poured in. This makes this situation look like a fertilization.