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BUG Desk

2017 / Open Atelier(2017.10.14(sat)-11.5(sun) SUPER OPEN STUDIO (Kanagawa)

When I organized this exhibition, I was part of an art group called "Super Open Studio", in which about 23 studios and over 100 artists took part and through which the open studio took place 1 month a year.

I let the visitors work on my last work "Akashic Bug" and my previous works on my workbench. I also sometimes followed the visitors' instructions. For example, projecting a stone onto the seat, growing gears on the wall or the pillar, etc.
And I was wondering why the visitors play such pranks and how they chose them.

I noticed that the "Akashic Record" was rewritten by bugs from the previous work. So I had to create new bugs. It was based on reaching into other people's minds, and in this work I tried to put the bug into other people's brains from my brain.

Bugdesk Bugdesk